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Around the globe trillions of dollars are wasted on preventable software bugs and security issues. Let us do a code review to prevent bugs, reduce cost and speed up your development.
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Let us teach your team how we prevent 95% of the issues.

Build software on a Solid Foundation

What is the cost of not investing in fast pipelines that find 95% of the issues early? Below are some shocking statistics from our industry.. what is the hidden cost of your web-development pipeline (or lack of one)?
Time spent on bugs

On average developers spent 75% of their time on debugging¹. Other studies show 20-50% more time on finding and solving bugs then on developing new features. How much faster could your developers be if you could find bugs much earlier?

Outdated Software

91% of all commercial applications contain outdated or abandoned open source components². The more outdated the software, the more likely the developers are also not growth-minded and do not know or use any of the newer (and faster) techniques and practices.

Number of apps deleted after one use

80% of apps are deleted after it's first use, and the number one reason for deletion is due to an app crashing or freezing³. Do you know how many customers you are missing because of software issues?

3.86 million
The average cost of data breach as of 2020. And the average time to identify those data breaches was 207 days. The average total life-cycle of such a breach was a staggering 280 days from identification to containment.
100-150 errors / 1000 lines of code¹

Resulting in 70 bugs per thousand lines of code, of which on average 15 find their way to your customers¹. What would you give to reduce those numbers by half or more?

2.8 trillion
The total money spent on bugs in US in 2018⁵. And, 18.22% of that figure was cost accrued from technical debt alone. What are the issues in your development costing you?

The ultimate tool to greatly improve the efficiency of your coding

Identify and solve the main bottlenecks to find and solve bugs much earlier, easily doubling time spent on new features for your customer and your business.

We have spent a lot of effort on developing ways to find bugs earlier and we would like to help your team implement some simple, but powerful changes to greatly reduce the numbers of issues and therefore increase the speed, efficiency and quality of your software.

As experts focused on solid foundations we can look beyond beyond the every day issues to underlying causes of slow progress and low quality. We will help your team identify the major bottlenecks holding them back from fast iterations and bug-free software.

A Higher Standard for Faster & Better Web-Development

Prevent bugs instead of having the constant interruptions of finding and solving bugs. This brings faster development and higher quality, leading to happy developers and happy customers.

Is your team ready for the next level in web-development?

Our mission is to reduce the tremendous waste of bad development practices. Let's help your team become smarter, better & faster, so they too can benefit from just focusing on that which drives the growth of your business and gets a smile on everyone's face.
  • 95% bugs prevented
  • Guaranteed on-budget
  • Much faster iteration times
  • Solid foundation that will help you scale
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Happy Developers. Happy Customers.

Stop constant interruptions from issues, leading to happier people that can focus on real work.

Scale Safely

Solid foundations also help you scale better and faster, instead of slowing down when you most need to grow.

50% Faster

Greatly improve the iteration speed of your development by the aggregate of solving many common time-wasters.

Deliver on-time and on-budget

Exceeding estimations is mostly caused by interruptions of a bad process. Assure developers can focus and they will find it easier to give a correct estimate.

A higher standard for your web-development.

What our clients are saying about our code review

The 10 categories of our development review

Automated Testing

We look specifically at how to increase the speed, coverage and efficiency of the automated tests.


We check for a variety of common mistakes developers make that affect performance from hosting to code.

Security & Versions

We look at security vulnerabilities in packages and versions, as well as some other common security holes.

Bug Monitoring

Can we improve the monitoring tools and code to be more helpful to spot and fix bugs earlier?

Documentation & Installation

Is documentation available that is actually helpful to install the project and understand it?


Is the team using different methods to support each other's growth and prevent issues?

Continuous Integration

What is the development pipeline and where is it leaking time and money?


Is your easily application scalable in every sense - from hosting to new team members?

Iteration Speed

What's the iteration speed of tasks and how can it be improved?

Industry Standards & Maintainability

Is the team enforcing industry standards and best practices and can we reduce technical debt?

How our Development Review Works

  • 1
    Intake call

    The first step involves a virtual meeting with you to understand your situation and if you have any specific area you are most interested in.

  • 2

    After our call, we will send you a questionnaire that your developers should fill in to give us all the information we need for a complete analysis.

  • 3
    In-depth code review

    (optional) For a small extra cost we will spend up to 2 hours with your developers going through the code, pipeline and hosting.

  • 4
    Delivery & Final Call

    We will walk you and your developers through the created report, clarifying and giving pointers where to focus first.

Development Review & Full Code Review Prices

Get Your Team to Higher Standards

Your team will learn to:
  • Prevent 95% of your issues
  • Speed up iterations by 50% or more
  • Adopt a continuous improvement mindset
  • How to scale effectively
  • Increase application performance
  • How and why to manage versions better
  • Adopt and enforce industry standards & best practices
  • Set up monitoring that is actually useful
  • Make development more fun
  • Greatly increase time “in the zone” by removing distractions and waste

..and more!

Development Review
Full report with scores based on your team's input that helps you identify where and how to improve.
30-page report
1-on-1 intake call
Scored on 10 categories
Advice how to improve each category
Second 1-on-1 call to go over results
Conclusion with top 3 quick-wins for your team
Only pay when satisfied!
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Development & Code Review
Same as Development Review, but with an extra 2 hours of in-depth code analysis by our experts on top.
Same as development review
+ 2-hours code review with your devs
+ Add a developer to both 1-on1 calls
+ Extra 30 minutes on final call
Discover the real skill level of your devs
More in-depth results and discussions
Only pay when 100% satisfied!
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No Cure. No pay.

We are very confident you will get a lot of value from our development review, but if you are not 100% happy with the result, you do not need to pay for the report.
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