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Around the globe trillions of dollars are wasted on preventable software bugs and security issues. Does your web-development feel stressed, slow and sloppy?
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Would you keep developing a tower that could collapse at any moment?

Then why are you allowing this for your web-development? Raise your standards and use a Solid Development Foundation to prevent 95% of the issues and speed up your development, so you can finally focus on your business growth.
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Bug-Prevention Pipelines™

Bad development is frustrating. Before we used automated tests our frustration was in the need for manual testing and the time it took to go over your work again and again, and still deliver with bugs. Then we used automated tests, but were frustrated with the slow pipelines that kept us switching between tasks.

Then finally, after many iterations and improvements we have created the Bug-Prevention Pipeline™ and it makes development fun again. We can now focus most of our attention on doing what we love: developing new features and thinking with our customers where the highest impact is for their business.

Inspiring a New Standard for Web-Development

Just like we believe in preventing disease with healthy food and exercise, so too should we prevent issues with smart systems and automation. We have developed our Bug-Prevention Pipeline™ to be the new standard for web-development, so you can stop stressing and start scaling.

We love to share our techniques, because we believe that we need to raise the standards of web-development together. So join us in our quest to stop the tremendous waste in web-development, so we can focus on creation again.


Bug-Prevention Pipelines™ Created


Pre-commit Execution Time

(automated tests and more..)


Bugs prevented


Automated Test Coverage

We Take Your Development to the Next Level

We Focus on Speed, Quality and Working as A Great Team

Fast development cycles

We specialize in fast development cycles, so your business can grow rapidly. Utilizing LEAN and Agile best practices we help businesses iterate and learn fast, to reduce costs and get product-market-fit faster.

Simplify solutions, smartly

We systemize and automate all technical aspects possible to keep your overheads low, communication tight and solutions solid. By focusing on solving key issues simply, we optimize efficiency.

Empower your business

We provide Business Success Coaching to support you beyond development only – we want your business to succeed! Together we delve deep into your business, set SMART goals and achieve them quicker by validating early.

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Reliable Performance

Using the best supported and most stable frameworks in the industry, we optimise systems to be solid: meaning of superior quality, stability and security.

On-Time & On-Budget

We provide our customers with assurance that our solutions will be on-time and on-budget, since we know the cost that overruns and delays can have on the bottom line of your business.

Trusted Guidance & Support

We take a holistic view of your product development situation, its current stage and your specific requirements – and provide highly customized support for your platform to be truly successful.

Constant Monitoring

We continuously monitor your software for inefficiencies, issues and bugs to give you full control of your application, so you know what goes wrong - even before your customers do.

High Scalability

We use the latest in cloud-based hosting and integrate with modern platforms, which enable us to avoid downtime and makes it easy to scale your business as it grows.

Automated testing & Continuous Deployment

We build solid software. Therefore, we leverage automated testing for smart and quick validation of code, and deploy it continuously so there is no down-time or delays in updating features.

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Development & Code Review

Our experts will do a complete evaluation of your code structure and content, by assessing 10 key focus areas which include performance, scalability, security and more. We will then provide you with a solid roadmap on where to go - and most importantly, how to get there.
Because we love to show you what we can do we've priced our Development Review at € 297 and you only pay when you are 100% satisfied with the result. Let's help you find the biggest bottlenecks in your web-development and show you how to fix them and create your own Bug-Prevention Pipeline™.
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