Do you feel like your business stopped growing?

Is your web-application too complex?


Trim the fat to reduce costs and overhead.


Measure what works and improve the bottom line.


Web-development that deliver results. Continuously.

Do you want to be back in control?
With simple and measurable systems?

We help platforms thrive

Do you have a web-development team or partner?

We help businesses identify and solve problems.

And because we trim the fat, we also lower your costs!

Identify your quick wins


We know you don't want to think about your code and tech systems.
Let us take care of web-development, so you can do what you're really good at:
grow your business.
LEAN: remove & avoid waste

We are religious about removing waste. If it isn't working or bringing results, it should not be part of your software. Less is more. Focus on what brings in and services your customer.

SOLID development principles

Using the best supported and most stable frameworks in our industry and following all best practices makes it easy to share and scale workload, while still maintaining quality, stability and security.

In the cloud

Using the latest in cloud-based hosting, we avoid downtime and make it easy to scale in a safe way. We integrate with modern platforms, such as Amazon S3, Sentry (monitoring) and Sendgrid (email) - to name just a few.

Fast-cycle development

By using the latest technology, such as continuous integration, automated testing and code generation, we can create software very fast that is almost guaranteed not to have any bugs.

Learn about our SOLID web-development principles

Code review / 2nd opinion

Are you 100% sure your team is adding value to your business every day?
If you are unsure, we can do a full code review and give a 2nd opinion on your code, hosting and workflow.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to remove major bottlenecks from your development, so you can focus on what's really important.


We dive deep in the quality of the code. We find the good, the bad and the ugly and create an extensive score in dozens of areas, so you know exactly what to focus on next.


We look at the security and performance of your hosting, including backups, software versions and monitoring.


We also score several areas on how developers work with the code. What's manual, what's automated? Where are (human) bottlenecks? Is your team improving?

Get a code review / 2nd opinion


Find out what our customers say about us.
"Intelligent, driven and enormous passion for using the newest technologies. Hired as Symfony experts to help create our new cloud-based solution. In many ways Solid Web Code set the the strong foundation that we still use today."

Arjan Vissers, CTO & co-founder Extendas
"For many years we have used the services of Solid Web Code with pleasure and enthousiasm. We experience the services of Solid Web Code as customer-oriented, fast and professional. Problems are solved fast and creatively."

Gea Boessenkool, directeur Allesduurzaam & Aarde-werk de Stegge
"A very experienced team of programmers and great people to work with. They are very professional and often come with even better solutions than expected."

Rob de Wit, Directeur ServiceRight
"Fast, reliable and great at thinking with us for great solutions. Solid Web Code has helped us transition to a better implementation of our Continuous Integration, 100% code coverage for our automated tests and has set the base for our coding standards. It's great how they are able to think with us beyond the problem to real, lasting solutions."

Frank Dikker, CTO and co-founder X-IP

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