Included For All Plans

  • Fixed development hours per week
  • up to 50% less or extra hours as needed – no questions asked
  • All clients love our 1-on-1 business coaching sessions
  • AGILE or LEAN methodology as fits your business
  • Sprint planning, refinement and retrospective sessions
  • Project management included in the price
  • Implement our Bug-Prevention Pipeline™
  • Your product owner gets full access to our team
  • Share our technology as needed: JIRA, github and slack
  • Teams always have at least two developers
  • We only work with senior expert developers
  • All of our packages are paid monthly in advance

Our Bold Promises

  • We work 50% faster than the average development team, because of our Bug-Prevention Pipeline™
  • We take training very serious and continuously improve our skills and knowledge
  • We have very high standards and implement everything according to industry standards and best practices
  • Let us implement our Bug-Prevention Pipeline™ for 95% less issues
  • With constant monitoring we’ll catch the last 5% of issues and solve them so quickly that many time times you won’t even have noticed
  • Our expert will level up your code, cutting out waste, improving performance and security and again increase development speed with our standards and clear guidelines
  • Using new technologies like Docker, we will make installing your application a breeze for all future team members and update the documentation to make it even simpler
  • We will keep your application up-to-date, avoiding security issues and creating the ability to use the newest and fastest solutions technology has to offer.
  • We will install your software on a scalable hosting such as Heroku or Amazon AWS and make it infinitely scalable

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We are very confident you will get a lot of value from our development team, but if you are not 100% happy with the result, you can cancel at any time and get your last month refunded.
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