Development Pipeline Review

  • 30-page report
  • 1-on-1 intake call
  • Scored on our 10 bug-prevention categories
  • Learn exactly how to increase your score on each category
  • Conclusion with top 3 quick-wins for your team
  • Only pay when 100% satisfied!

Development & Code Review

  • Everything from Development Pipeline Review
  • + Extra 30 minutes on final call
  • + Add a developer to both 1-on-1 calls
  • + 2-hours code review with our expert & your developers
  • + Extra section on skill level of your developers
  • + Extra details on each category with examples from the code
  • + More in-depth conclusions on performance on security based on code review
  • + Your developers will learn a lot from the calls

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The 10 categories of our development review

Automated Testing

We look specifically at how to increase the speed, coverage and efficiency of the automated tests.


We check for a variety of common mistakes developers make that affect performance from hosting to code.

Security & Versions

We look at security vulnerabilities in packages and versions, as well as some other common security holes.

Bug Monitoring

Can we improve the monitoring tools and code to be more helpful to spot and fix bugs earlier?

Documentation & Installation

Is documentation available that is actually helpful to install the project and understand it?


Is the team using different methods to support each other's growth and prevent issues?

Continuous Integration

What is the development pipeline and where is it leaking time and money?


Is your easily application scalable in every sense - from hosting to new team members?

Iteration Speed

What's the iteration speed of tasks and how can it be improved?

Industry Standards & Maintainability

Is the team enforcing industry standards and best practices and can we reduce technical debt?

How our Development Review Works

  • 1
    Intake call

    The first step involves a virtual meeting with you to understand your situation and if you have any specific area you are most interested in.

  • 2

    After our call, we will send you a questionnaire that your developers should fill in to give us all the information we need for a complete analysis.

  • 3
    In-depth code review

    (optional) For a small extra cost we will spend up to 2 hours with your developers going through the code, pipeline and hosting.

  • 4
    Delivery & Final Call

    We will walk you and your developers through the created report, clarifying and giving pointers where to focus first.

No Cure. No pay.

We are very confident you will get a lot of value from our development review, but if you are not 100% happy with the result, you do not need to pay for the report.
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