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Meet Our Team

The Team @ Solid Web Code

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For the best output, we need the best input. Because your success is paramount to us.

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We are a company that work in close collaboration with customers and colleagues to provide considered and comprehensive solutions. We believe that the diversity of quality inputs allow for better output - and thus results. We know the importance of our team members' commitment to care about the solutions they implement, and at SWC we constantly facilitate an Agile mindset in the workplace that drives this culture. The freelancers we work with have a hunger for growth, foster the right mindset to keep growing, and are willing to go the extra mile since they live the entrepreneurial spirit and understand our customers. We are proud to introduce this team to you!

A Lifelong Passion

Meet The Inspiration Behind Solid Web Code

    Rein Baarsma

    Founder & CEO

    Rein is the founder and CEO of Solid Web Code. His background is as senior web-developer over 15+ years, digital nomad, entrepreneur and writer. Already at age 11 he loved both writing and programming and at 16 he quit school in favor of web-development. Two years later he was working in his dream job as a game developer. Recently settled on a beautiful farm with 4 hectares of food-forest in the Netherlands, his current focus is on growing SWC. Rein combines his extensive knowledge of coding with his proven ability to find the smartest and simplest solutions. He also has a passion for coaching and guiding customers to use the right approach to validate fast and grow their businesses with strong cash-flow. According to Rein, he loves nothing better than to see clients succeed and will do absolutely everything to go above and beyond to help them earn more, and scale faster. Rein loves to help scale-ups do customer discovery through LEAN prototypes and MVP's, so they can prove their ideas in the market and get funding through our network of investors for further development and customer validation.

    Meet Our Team

    Our team members are from across the globe, bringing together diverse skills and experiences for the benefit of our customers.
    Ingrid Steeman
    Finances & Administration

    Ingrid has been with Solid Web Code from the very beginning. She looks after the finances, make sure everyone is paid on time and keeps track of the financial growth of the company. She has worked in the financial world for most of her working life, but working in such an ambitious young company is quite an exciting new experience. She is equally enthused by working with this international group of young and eager professionals.

    For her it is important to be socially committed, and therefore she also works for the Dutch Health Service - which does testing and tracking of the Covid virus. It is her unique way to contribute by helping and guiding people through the Corona pandemic.

    Ingrid is based in the Netherlands and in her spare time she enjoys to read biographies, cycle around her beautiful countryside and spend time with family and friends.

    Ioana Popa
    Scrum Master & Account Manager

    Ioana excels at guiding teams to over-deliver, and aims to bring the best possible services and products to customers. She has a passion for the Agile methodology and has valuable experience as project management consultant and Lean/E2E Improvement manager, which she implements in the training of teams as well as in the facilitation of others to maximize the value of their work.

    She is a certified Agile and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt practitioner, and holds a Masters degree in Financial Business Administration.

    Ioana is a passionate, enthusiastic, proactive and ambitious person, and strives for excellence in everything she undertakes. Ioana is originally from Romania and now lives in France. In her free time she enjoys practicing different outdoor sports (beach volleyball, stand up paddle, cycling, jogging), and whenever possible she enjoys to engage in her passion for photography.

    Nici Putter
    Agile Operations Consultant

    Nici is passionate about streamlined operations management implemented with an agile mindset, and believes that teams work best when responsibility is shared, and innovation thrives where people are empowered to cultivate their potential.

    He holds a BCOM management degree, is certified as PSM Scrum Master and is completing his further studies in Strategic Management and International business. In various projects he is always mindful of how business decisions impact customers and projected outcomes, and is driven by an attitude of continuous improvement to drive innovation, cohesion and trust for the benefit of all stakeholders involved.

    Nici is South African, currently living in Sweden. In his spare time he enjoys socializing with family and friends, exploring new music, having long walks, as well as relaxing with an inspirational movie.

    Nsisong E.O James
    Full-stack Developer

    Nsisong is a full-stack developer with a demonstrated history of working with Symfony, Codeigniter, Laravel, NodeJS, SpringBoot, Doctrine and Hibernate web framework. He is a Software Engineering graduate from the University of East London, UK.

    Nsisong is also an entrepreneur with interests in FinTech and Agro related businesses, and pursues such opportunities when possible. He currently lives in Nigeria and is passionate about using technology to solve local problems in his country and Africa at large. His hobbies include coding, playing games and watching crime investigation.

    Mike Smirnov
    Frontend Developer

    Information Coming Soon

    Yossa Michel
    Backend Developer

    Yossa has a passion for building robust systems that solve problems used by large scale systems and processes. His main focus is often on efficiency, scalability and simplicity in the solutions he creates and implements. He holds a Masters in Software Engineering which is complemented by a rich background of development and project management experience.

    He has a passion for music, and enjoys travelling and discovering new places in his free time. A keen interest in psychology and self-improvement enables him to continuously grow.

    Charlie Baarsma
    Web Designer

    Charlie is one of our creative minds. She works with photography, video editing, social media and web-design. She is a support to the team when a creative and fresh approach is needed and often comes with simple and practical solutions.

    She is the wife of Rein and has supported him with Solid Web Code since the very beginning, taking care of some of the more design-oriented tasks and customers. She is also a loving mother and loves all the animals on the farm she shares with Rein and their growing family.

    Chantal Serjani

    Information Coming Soon

    Evelina Stoeva

    Information Coming Soon

    We Have A Growth Mindset

    We do not only coach our customers, but continuously invest in our team's growth as well. We believe that to assist our customer's growth in every way, we need to continuously learn and improve as a team to create the best solutions.

    We strive to turn our colleagues into Raving Fans, just like we do with our customers... Through weekly innovation meetings, attending Business Mastery courses as well as private coaching sessions and more, our team is serious about improving their mindsets and skills!

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